Flooring and Ceiling

For nailing tackless strip in hard to reach places such as toe spaces. Valuable for damage free work in areas adjacent to stone masonry, plate glass windows or doors or base board moldings. Magnetized tip to allow nails to be driven with ease
These seam rollers are designed a single - arm that let worker work close to the wall.
Quick, neat, and simple tool for professional carpet repairs
Ergonomic handle allows for better grip and tool control. Chrome finish to protect against corrosion.
Extra powerful unit in a lightweight custom contoured plastic case
Create a professional seam every time. Ideal for both commercial and residential use.
Offset handle allows level cutting. Vinyl-coated finger holes.
Excellent prying leverage. Slim ends fit behind base.
Specially designed for seaming loop pile carpet. Moves forward and backward without altering position of carpet backing
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