Drywall saw / Saw
Hardened 6" blade, fixed teeth cuts wallboard, wood plywood, etc. Sharp point for easy penetration, no need to drill pilot-hole before cutting. Comfortable hardwood or duragrip handle with thumb stop for more safety
Heavy duty, rigid high-carbon steel blade will not bend. Hardened and tempered to stay sharp for a long service life. Precision cross-ground teeth cut in both push and pull directions for fast, clean, and effortless cutting. Deep gullets between saw teeth keeps blade free of material. Sharpened tip easily punches through drywall or similar materials. Plated for corrosion resistance.
Cuts through wallboard, gypsum lath, and the backing board for thin coat plasters
Hardened file saw blade cuts wallboard easily. Sharp drill tip penetrate material for cutting different shapes quickly
Ergonomic handle. Hardened teeth for sharp quick cuts & long lasting teeth.
5 quick release inserts: Diameter in 60, 67, 74 - 81 to 95 mm. Use for hole saws wood, plasterboard, building panels, and plaster walls
Hand wood saw with soft grip. Easy to use and highly durable
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