Wooden Handle
Standard putty knife. Quality steel blade. Well heat-treatment. Precision ground.
Top quality, super flexible blade, Stainless steel, full tang construction & welded with forget scale, precision ground & special sand finish. Rosewood handles with aluminum rivets.
German type putty knife. Quality steel blade. Mirror polished blade with precision ground.
Conical hardwood handle, half tang blade with precision ground & mirror or normal polish. blades are securely locked in place with strong nickel plated ferrules.
Half tang structure blade. Mirror polished blade. Well heat-treatment.
High quality standard putty knife. Full tang structure. Well heat-treated blade with precision ground.
High standard Japanese P and Y type scraper. Hardwood handle.
Good quality palette knife, Stainless steel blade is tempered and ground. Well heat-treatment.
Top quality Japanese P & Y type scraper. Quality stainless steel. Well heat treatment.
Good quality putty knife. Hard wood handle. Special sanding finishing. Well heat-treatment.
Semi-pro quality-stainless steel,full tang construction,precision ground & mirror finished. Hardwood handle riveted with brass rivets securely.
Professional grade. Special sanding finishing. Rosewood handle.
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