Drywall Tools

Cut into drywall on both sides evenly and through paper only. Pull and run along edge of drywall then snap off portion scored. Also, ideal for scoring ceiling tile
Rubber material evenly applies pressure to the sanding surface, while the rounded design provides a comfortable grip to help reduce user fatigue.
Swivel blade fixed w/aluminum back, extendible with different length handle in light weight aluminum
Suitable for attaching window and door frames made of wood, plastic. Especially suitable for use in perforated brick masonry and lightweight construction
Ergonomic designed soft grip handle which is engineered for reducing user fatigue, and angled to work with the body for improved reach. Flexible tempered stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant
Fastening racks, equipment, seating, hand rails, signs, formwork bracing and structural fastening
Simple and quick installation procedure. Medium load capacity
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