Plastic putty knife

Economy, made of one-piece, durable plastic. Blade tapered with proper flexibility for surface preparation and adhesive application.
Add to Cart Item No Name Material Size
38861 Taping Knife Plastic 6"(150mm)
38880 Taping Knife Plastic 8"(200mm)
38890 Taping Knife Plastic 10"(250mm)
38841 Putty Knife Plastic 4"(100mm)
38830 Putty Knife Plastic 3"(75mm)
38820 Putty Knife Plastic 2"(50mm)
38810 Putty Knife Plastic 1-1/2"(38mm)
38834 Putty Knife Plastic 3"(75mm)
Product description

1. Made of one-pc, durable plastic. 

2. Lightweight

3. Size 1.5" ~ 10" 

4. Handy for many things. 

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