Particulate Respirator

Particulate Respirator
Add to Cart Item No Name Material Size
35061 N95 Particulate Respirator
35161 Particulate Respirator, EN149-2001 FFP1
35261 Particulate Respirator, EN149-2001 FFP2
35062 N95 OV Particulate Respirator
35162 OV Particulate Respirator, EN149-2001 FFP1
35060 N95 Valved Particulate Respirator
Product description

* Polypropylene outer layer provides smooth lining and avoids loose fibers. 

* Embossed fringe seal avoids fluffy open layer around the edges. 

* Latex-free synthetic rubber head strap. 

* Contour design ensures the compatibility of glasses/goggles and reduces fogging. 

* Soft closed-cell nose foam and adjustable nosepiece ensures custom shape and increse the work comfort and acceptance. 

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