All the tools you need from beginning to finish of painting.
Four or five wire cage frame. Threaded handle for use with extension poles
Hold securely to all ladders. Superior construction designed for safety and performance
This drop cloth can be used for multiple purposes. Quick and easy covering for furniture or equipment during various painting projects.
Provides for a smooth finish. Can be used with most paints, stains, and varnishes
Dual heat setting with 1100°F/600°C & 600°F/315°C. Used for removing adhesive-applied tiles & linoleum without chipping, spot drying paint, plaster, spackle cure adhesives and thaw pipes, frozen locks, loosen rusted bolts.
Special flexible nozzle extension for spraying ceilings or hard to reach place. Water/oil base paints applicable. 800c.c./28oz paint container, immersion cup assures correct paint thickness.
Stainless steel blade for smooth filling. Great for small filling and mixing work.
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