Flooring and Ceiling

Use in drywall assembly and installation
Provide ideal heat for hot melt tape while protecting carpets from high temperatures.
Ergonomic, light tool for fine wire staples use. Ideal for durable Hi-impact plastic housing, decorative work and other simpler tasks around the house.
For a wide variety of applications, this hand tacker is designed to work with 2 sizes of staples: #F 6-16MM & #T 14/16MM
Simple and durable. Easy-to-use for stapling labels, posters, carpet installation insulation material, upholstery, etc.
Perfect tool for cutting door jambs and other hard-to-reach areas
Quick change! Switching the locking pivot to release or tighten blade.
Switching the locking pivot to release or tighten blade. Quick change!
Industrial grade scrapers. Features three blade clamp screws for maximum blade holding power and flexgrip anti-fatigue vinyl hand grip
The only scraper with an easy to handle cushioned gripper ball (power weighted to assist the scrape impact.
T-Handle Floor Scraper with 8" Blade. All steel construction.
Heavy-duty floor scraper suitable for use in both domestic and industrial environments.
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