Flooring and Ceiling
Sharpened and mirror polished high carbon steel blade with hard wood handle. Trim carpet in corners, around pipes and doors.
Wide star washers press carpet backing into the adhesive. Designed for use on loop pile carpet. Used for blending yarns after seam has cooled
Heavy-duty installer choice, precision made, professional model
Replacement blade for #18355, #18300, #18410, and #18420
Removes adhesives and other floor-covering materials. Sturdy, steel handle with ergonomic grips.
Extendable from 17" to 27" Quickly apply wall coverings and flooring in your home
Used for floor, tile and roofing removal. All metal heavy duty scraper. Sturdy plastic handle
Tear out carpets & vinyl with ease. Unique design provides a firm grip for pulling and removing carpets.
For trimming valleys, gable ends, ridge rolls, starter, etc., in any kind of weather
Designed for cut-pile carpets. Smooth wheels provide safe seam finishing for plush cut-piles and saxonies without face yarn damage.
For removing bubbles of self-flowing concrete floor projects. It is helpful to eliminate bubbles in the construction of self-leveling cement. Keep the floor smooth and level.
Adjustable push pins & shank length. For small installations and fixing loose carpet.
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