Ceramic and Adhesive Tools

ONE-PC Rubber mallet. 500g and 1000g is optional. 
The product is GroutSealer Appl Bottle. Easy and simple use kit
#40~60, #60~80 & #80~100 Grit Sheets. Buffing pads buffing and polishing pads. Flexible Rubber Construction Holds Paper Securely.
Cleaning brush scrubs tile and grout to remove mold and mildew buildup. Handle provides comfort and control for hard-to-reach areas.
Picture having an automatic hand punch tool with a spring loaded mechanism that actually works and makes a solid mark in wood, metal, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more. This Forge Industrial Brass Center Punch gives your drill a start point and makes it easier for you so it doesn't slip in tight spots. Don't let your drill walk again!
Center punch with tapered point makes a starter dimple to guide a drill bit. Round shank is knurled for grip
Chrome Molybdenum Steel. Designed for removing chipped or broken tile.
Light weight plastic base with heavy duty function.
Heavy Duty Enamel Finished Steel Base, Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel. All parts exchangeable.
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