About DESS

A leading manufacturer of painting and hand tools in Taiwan area.

Our main products are putty knives, paint scrapers, painting accessories, drywall & plaster tools, masonry & cement tools, ceramic & adhesive tools, carpet & flooring tools, wallcovering tools, ratchet handles and socket wrench kits.

Our company was established 30 years ago, so this year is our 30 anniversary. We have 2 plants and 85 employees now. We are now one of the most respected manufacturers of painter hand tools in Asia because of our high quality, competitive price and dependable service.

Our capacity of painter hand tools is 600,000pcs per month. We also supply some drywall, masonry, floor covering and wallcovering tools. We have another factory specialized in making hand tools, like ratchet handles, socket wrench kits and some special tools such as sidewinder speed wrenches. Our turnover reached USD$12 million last year!

We have a well-trained staff team to make our company more competitive. We have 5 engineers to do research and development. In addition, we have 6 well-educated quality controllers to monitor our products at every process from unloading material to packing finished products.

The most important is that we have many years experience of serving chain stores. We are selling some hand tools to Wal-mart and we have our own program of Drywall and Masonry tools in Lowes store. They are all very satisfied with our products in good quality & service.

Our Capability: Well-trained staff and creative R&D

We can work out a sample within a few days upon the receipt of customer's drawing or we can work out drawings and samples after customers give us an idea. That means we can do either OEM or ODM products. Our team keeps creating new idea and new products all the time to keep our company competitive. In 1997, we created our Duragrip putty knife which is a dual color plastic handle with soft grip. This style makes most manufacturers follow our idea and now it is the most popular style in the market.

Our Ergosoft taping knife is different from the traditional wood handle/steel back. It is ergonomically designed with soft grip handle with strong but light aluminum back.

Our ability is not only on production, but also in the points of purchase, packaging and design. We agree that you can buy products at the cheapest prices from China, but we believe you are able to purchase the best & suitable products for your stores from Taiwan area. Because price is not everything; product design, creative idea for product, packaging quality and service are all important. We can offer consistent quality products at competitive prices. Our production is so flexible to fit customer's need.

We can produce a huge volume of products for customers' promotion in a short time or small quantity of products for your small regional demand as required lead time. We believe that we are so qualified to be your partner for growing the market with you!

Company History